CE Marked (CE 0086)
High purity light mineral oil

LGOL-100, 100 ml
LGOL-500, 500 ml
AMLO-100, 100 ml (Amber Bottle)

Indications for Use

LiteOil® is designed to be used as an oil overlay for droplets of medium for embryo culture or manipulation.

Why would you choose LifeGuard Oil®?
  • LiteOil® is a premium-quality light mineral oil for culture.
  • LiteOil® is ideal for oil overlay use and microdrop culture.
  • The only one of its kind in the market. Excellent performance, extensively tested for IVF use. Endotoxin and MEA tested.
  • Stabilizes pH and reduces evaporation during IVF and ICSI procedures and when inseminating in micro drops.
  • Hand filtered.
  • Prewashed with ultra pure water and sterile filtered.

Store at 15-25°C and protected from light.

Storage and Shelf Life

2 years when stored at 15-25°C and protected from light.


A pharmaceutical grade quality mineral oil.

Quality Control Specifications
Biological Tests Specification Common Results
Lal Endotoxin < 0.50 EU/ml < 0.25 EU/ml
Sterility Test Negative Negative
1-cell Mouse Embryo Assay (% blastocysts at 96h of culture) > 80% 90 — 100%
Precautions and Warnings
  1. Not to be used for injection.
  2. Caution: Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician (or properly licensed practitioner).
  3. Do not use the product if:
    • the product packaging appears damaged or if the seal is broken
    • the expiry date has been exceeded
    • the product becomes discolored, cloudy, or shows evidence of particulate matter
  4. To avoid problems with contamination, practice aseptic techniques and discard minimal amounts of excess medium remaining in the bottle.
  5. Once the bottle is opened, store the product tightly capped at 2-8ºC and protected from light.
  6. The user should read and understand the Instructions for Use, Precautions and Warnings, and be trained in the correct procedure before using LiteOil®.