Our Products

Genomicks is the distributor of a range of products from around the globe.

Culture Media

Genomicks distributes the LifeGlobal brand of Culture Media, the best, highest quality human embryo culture media products for In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

Genomicks takes pride in ensuring the highest standards are maintained in the logistics and distribution of these temperature and time sensitive products.

Medical Devices

Genomicks represents Thomas Medical, a division of CRI (Catheter Research, Inc.), a manufacturer of disposable medical devices and accessories and a distributor of quality OB/GYN surgical instruments and other OB/GYN Products.

Culture Dishes

Genomicks distributes the highest quality dishes indicated specifically in in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) by LifeGlobal.

GPS® Dishware has improved safety (no droplet collapsing or mixing) and better pH control. The GPS® microwells protect against sudden movements and the raised lid promotes gas exchange, prevents contamination, and stops oil seals from forming. They are made of non-toxic medical grade, non-pyrogenic polystyrene and have better ergonomics than a 35 mm dish. GPS® Dishware are CE and ISO Registered, FDA 510(k) Cleared and 1-cell MEA and < 0.03 LAL Tested.