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Founded on the principle that medications should be affordable for everyone, Genomicks Sdn. Bhd. prides itself in providing cost effective and efficacious medicines, equipment and diagnostic kits specializing in Fertility treatments. Genomicks is one of the only Malaysian owned company


Genomicks is the distributor of a range of products from around the globe. Culture MediaGenomicks distributes the LifeGlobal brand of Culture Media, the best, highest quality human embryo culture media products for In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF).Genomicks takes pride in ensuring the

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World Class Leaders in IVF and Assisted Reproduction Media

Genomicks partners with LifeGlobal, the world leader in IVF and Assisted Reproduction media. With top of the line media and research, our single step media increases the likelihood of getting quality oocytes and zygotes for IVF procedures.

Cutting Edge Innovation at an Affordable Price

Genomicks sources the best and most innovative apparatus to bring better results and reliability to our customers. Products like our embryo corral Dish leverage the latest research findings to help professionals get better results.

Specialised Medical Equipment

Medical equipment sold by Genomicks is of the highest quality. We take pride in providing innovative, specialised and effective medical equipment for IVF experts at an affordable price.

Only the Best Products for the Best Results

Genomicks partners with global leaders in the industry to source for top of the line quality products to help our customers get the results they want.