About Us

Founded on the principle that medications should be affordable for everyone, Genomicks Sdn. Bhd. prides itself in providing cost effective and efficacious medicines, equipment and diagnostic kits specializing in Fertility treatments. Genomicks is one of the only Malaysian owned company currently competing in the Woman’s Health and Infertility Management industries. It is also proudly supported by its founder who is equipped with more than 17 years experience and its logistic partner Antah Healthcare Group. We, in collaboration with our strategic partners, offer the complete range of services from regulatory applications to in-market sales and distribution of products.

Genomicks Sdn. Bhd. works closely with its benefactor, the Fertility Society of Malaysia, in undertaking its social responsibility of educating the community of the benefits and importance of getting early medical counseling and treatment. Genomicks is proud to have been party to helping thousands of couples achieve their aspiration of becoming parents.

The company thrives on being relevant to its clients, both direct and indirect. Genomicks strives to stay relevant not just through offering quality products but also in the communication of the science behind each of its products. This forms one of the cornerstones in the company’s philosophy. Hence, we prides itself in ensuring that their people are well trained, motivated and share a common vision in providing solutions to their clients and in turn, the patients served.

Genomicks has grown from strength to strength over the years with more clinicians and experts recognizing the beneficial options provided, the company’s philosophy and the work Genomicks does.

Looking ahead, we see ourselves among the leaders in the arena of Infertility Management and shall continue to further expand its presence and capitalize on its core competency in women’s health.